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Preview the Men's Health IMPACT! Body Plan FREE for 21-Days
Are you falling victim to the Biggest Myths in Fitness
If you're listening to the wrong advice, you're going to work out harder than you have to, waste time in the gym, and even slow your progress!

In The IMPACT! Body Plan, you'll get expert advice to help you avoid myths like:

1. To Get Good Results, You Need to Work Out Longer. UNTRUE!
If you want to transform your body, you need to work smarter, not harder!

2. Pro Athletes are the Fittest People on the Planet. UNTRUE!
You can achieve the same results on The IMPACT! Body Plan!

3. Weight Training Plans Bulk You Up. UNTRUE!
The IMPACT! Body Plan will make you look amazing?firm, sculpted, and sexy! You won't look like an offensive lineman!

To see all the Biggest Myths in Fitness ?and learn what you should be doing instead?Start Your FREE 21-Day Preview of The IMPACT! Body Plan!

Preview the Men's Health IMPACT! Body Plan FREE for 21-Days
Build Muscle Like a Pro Athlete
Imagine working out with a professional trainer guiding you on every step you take.
          ow imagine no longer! Because with The IMPACT! Body Plan,
          you'll discover the same fitness program used by some of the world's
          top athletes ? all developed by one of the most successful pro trainers
in the business!
Preview the Men's Health IMPACT! Body Plan FREE for 21-Days
You will discover how to:

You'll follow the Muscle Matrix, the same seven-phase approach to training that pro athletes use. You'll learn their training secrets and discover how to get amazing results. What you thought was impossible for you is now within your grasp!

Your workouts will require less time ? and will feel more like play than work! You'll do a greater variety of workouts like the medicine ball side training...Superbands core workout...suspension training?and much more! You'll actually look forward to your workout every day!

On this program, you'll avoid getting hurt ? and your chronic aches and pains will fade into the past. This occurs because you work all parts of the muscle and improve the health of your kinetic chain, the way different muscles connect and interact with each other. You'll discover the six most common causes of chronic daily pain ? and how to eliminate them forever! You'll also discover how to properly stretch and massage sore points ? like the tennis ball roll for your feet!

Your negative attitudes will transform along with your body! You'll get the winning attitude of a champion, which will then affect every other aspect of your life.

As you gain muscle, you'll turn your body into a high-performance fat-burning engine and become lean and mean ? just like a pro athlete! You'll discover plyometric training, which targets your fast-twitch muscle fibers to build muscle, boost your metabolism, and burn more fat.

You'll learn how to use machines in your gym that you may never have touched before ? like TRX®, Superbands, BOSU® balls, Sport Cords®, and kettlebells. With these innovative methods, you'll learn how to save time and get better results from every workout. The IMPACT! Body System is one of the most technologically advanced workout programs in the world today.

You'll eat plenty of food to feed your growing muscles, so you'll never go hungry. But at the same time, you'll continue to lose weight faster than ever before; eat delicious, mouthwatering food; and still lose weight ? on this program you will eat to feed your hungry muscles. But you'll eat the right foods, and you'll feel satisfied and energized throughout the day.

You'll discover new ways to help your body bounce back, including supplements and massage therapy.

You'll eliminate every last excuse for not working out, including being "too busy." You'll discover quick, powerful IMPACT! workouts that will fit into your busy schedule. All you need is 10 to 20 minutes a day!

Preview the Men's Health IMPACT! Body Plan FREE for 21-Days
Get the "impossible" results that pro athletes get ? by doing the same exact workouts they do! With The IMPACT! Body Plan, you'll discover how to transform every aspect of your life... lose fat... gain muscle... get more endurance and energy... and feel better than you've felt in years.
Preview the Men's Health IMPACT! Body Plan FREE for 21-Days
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